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Akhmetova Aliya Bakhytzhanovna, Applicant, sub-department of state-legal disciplines, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Relevance of the article is defined by its scientific-theoretical and practical importance connected with the need for determination of the constitutional legal status of the prosecutor's office, its place in a system of division of the authorities. The purpose of the article consists in carrying out of the comparative analysis of the status of the prosecutor's office at the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.
Materials and methods. The article is prepared on the basis of the analysis of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the part concerning the prosecutor's office, laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation about the prosecutor's office, scientific publications on the subject matter. The main methods used in the article are the comparative and legal, the legallistic, the historical and legal.
Results. The comparative analysis of the constitutional legal status of the prosecutor's office in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation was carried out, the main conclusions and generalizations were made.
Conclusions. The constitutional legal status of the prosecutor's office in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation has similar lines as in these countries there is a uniform model of prosecutor's offices. At the same time there are the distinctions connected with functions of the prosecutor's office, fixed in the legislation.
The feature of the prosecutor's office in the specified states is that it can't be associated to any traditional branches of the state authority.

Key words

constitutional legal status, prosecutor’s office, prosecutor’s office functions.

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